Storytime Schedule

While the library buildings are closed, we offer regular storytimes online. To accommodate copyright requirements, we offer storytimes in closed groups or as unlisted videos on social media.



Baby & Toddler Storytime

10:15 am on Facebook

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Westduluth Wednesdays

West Duluth Storytime

Duluth Public Library Storytime YouTube Playlist

Westduluth Fridays

Creature Feature

Duluth Public Library Creature Feature YouTube Playlist

Mountroyal Thursdays

Mount Royal Storytime

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Upcoming Storytimes

Storytime Tips for Parents

  • Participate with your child during storytime.
  • Save snacks for later. Your child can better participate in activities with free hands.
  • Relax; it's okay if your child doesn't sit still the entire time.
  • Have fun!